08 - 09
Oct 2020

Discover our speakers

Claude Silver
Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia
Christine Gould
Founder & CEO at Thought For Food
Roi Shternin
Founder at Dysautonomia Israel
Ethan Ramon
Robotics engineer at Primary School
Ramzi Rizk
Co-Founder & CTO at EyeEm
Nancy Mallerou
Founder & CEO at Life Clinic Group
Oliver Simko
Founder & Gamification Designer at Luducrafts
Sergiu Ardelean
Co-founder & CEO at Artivive
Urska Srsen
Co-Founder at Bellabeat
George Vou
Founder & Food Tech Entrepreneur at The Mighty Kitchen
Paul Jozefak
CEO at Receeve
Michalis Poullis
Certified Life Coach at Michalis Poullis Life Coaching Services
Bryony Cole
Founder at Future of Sex
Mona Ataya
Founder & CEO at Mumzworld.com
Chelsea Chen
Co-Founder at Emotech
Natasha Lytton
Head of Brand & Marketing at Seedcamp
Karina Odinaev
Founder & CEO & Chief IP Officer at Cortica
Eva Nedelkova
Co-Founder at MissionC
Marios Podinas
Partner and Operations Manager at Gnous Labs
Petros Mina
Chief Science Officer at Fountech Solutions
Dusan Matuska
Coordinator of Institute of CryptoAnarchy at Paralelna Polis
Nicos Marcou
HR Counsel Member at Forbes & HR Futurist
Alex Ruhl
VR creator & Founder at CATS are not PEAS
Rotem Bar
Cyber Security Paladin at AppsFlyer
Petr Ludwig
Founder at Procrastination.com
Tim Smith
Design Director and Managing Partner at Hi Mum! Said Dad
Christiaan Maats
Brand & Product Development Expert at Noorderwind
David Bizer
Founder & CEO at Talent Fountain
Petros Djakouris
Co-Founder & Curator at BeHive
Faruk Tuncer
Co-founder & CEO at Polyteia
Susanne Baars
Founder & CEO at SocialGenomics MOONSHOT
Nick Shekerdemian
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Headstart
Andreas Adamides
Founder & CEO at CatchApp
Ladislav Kossar
Founder & CEO at PROVIDA
Gili Yankovitch
Founder, VP Product at Cymplify Security
Stay tuned for the others!
In total 70 speakers at Reflect
Adam Bonnifield
VP Artificial Intelligence at Airbus
Georgios Georgiadis
Founder & Managing Director at Excelix
Noor Shaker
Founder & CEO at Phenogeneca
Radek Husek
Co-Founder at SENS Foods
Devika Wood
Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at Vida Care & I am Arla
Jai Mexis
Founder at Odyssea
Roy Ramon
Managing Partner & Founder at 2 The Power of 9
Matej Sucha
Founder & CEO at MINDWORX
Sjaak Vink
Founder & CEO at TheSocialMedwork
Andrea Orsag
Co-Founder at MissionC
Nora Blum
Co-Founder & CEO at Selfapy